Get HYPER and More Well-Rounded Now

Add more techniques and strategies to your skillset with our program for kids, teens, and adults of all levels! We use the licensed training system of HYPER Creator, Roland Osborne. It is an exciting and contemporary program filled with challenges, performance activities, gymnastics, martial arts, and so much more! Together with our instructors, we provide a fast-paced and safe environment for our students.

Widen Your Skillset and Discover Hidden Capabilities

Sometimes, when you do something different, you unexpectedly surprise yourself. You will discover that you have always owned power, discipline, and determination, and sometimes it takes a few experiences to realize it. With our HYPER classes, you will embark on an exciting and eye-opening journey that will unlock more opportunities for you to grow. Using the basics from Kempo, prepare for a program of fun and fulfillment!

Program Instructors