Learn to Defend Yourself and Your Loved Ones Through Kempo

One of our renowned programs is the Kempo Program for teens and adults, focused on the powerful art of self-defense. It is diverse and progressive, making it one of the most sought out methods today. Our classes will give you the proper training for the basics and apply it in real life. Slowly, you will start to feel stronger, more in control, and prepared to face life and its challenges.

Kempo Your Way to Confidence and Inner Strength

Our Kempo classes are 45 minutes each and scheduled in the early afternoon for our students who are 7-11 years old. Our Kempo curriculum has a smaller student to instructor ratio and a more disguised learning. Our classes will teach your child to improve flexibility, gain muscle strength, develop coordination, and a more focused mindset. We also conduct classes solely for teens and adults to provide them more real-life training.